Quick Setup

Quick Setup guide focuses on an easily configured development environment. In this environment, Purpie, RTMP servers and Jitsi each run in their own containers. An FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) will be required.

Install Docker & Docker Compose

Since all the components will be running in containers, you will need Docker and Docker Compose. You may install Docker by following the guide in this link.

You can follow this link to install Docker Compose.

Download Purpie from GitHub Repository

sudo apt-get install git
git clone https://github.com/doganbros/purpie-docker.git
cd purpie-docker

Configure Purpie

Make a copy of the .env.example named .env. This .env contains environment variables for Jitsi as well as Purpie.

Generate SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are required for jitsi, purpie and RTMP servers to work correctly. If you have ssl certificates already, copy them to ./docker/ssl directory. The fullchain certificate should be named as cert.crt where as the private certificate should be named as cert.key.

If you do not have SSL certicates already, run the script below to obtain one.


Generate Strong Passwords

To generate secured and strong passwords in the security section options of .env file for Purpie and Jitsi, run the script below.


Start Purpie

docker-compose up -d

Rebuilding the Image

Sometimes, especially after an update, you might want to rebuild your image. Doing so would let you build your frontend again.

First, bring your docker containers down;

docker-compose down

Then start them up again with the following command.

docker-compose up --build -d